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Local public transport

Local public transport

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Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Public Transport System


The Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association, established according to Law 215/2001 for local public administration and Law   51/2006 for public utilities services, was mandated by its members who use the local public transport system to create a modern, attractive transport system, permanently adapted to the needs of the citizens.

The members of the metropolitan transport system are currently 7 administrative units: Baia Mare City, Baia Sprie and Tăuții Măgherăuș towns and Dumbrăvița, Groși, Recea and Săcălășeni communes.

The Public Transport Department of the Association was founded in 2012, having the purpose of ensuring, organizing, regulating, coordinating and controlling the services provided within the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area.

Since the 1st of January 2014, the public transport service is ensured by the regional public transport company S.C URBIS S.A under a 6 year contract of service management delegation between the Association and company that can be prolonged.

The approving authority for public transport services in the metropolitan area is the Local Transport Department of the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Association.

The authority was granted by the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Public Utilities Community Services, by order no. 518 / 04.12.2012 for exercising legal services to local transport through license no. 0334 / 04.12.2012.


The main tasks of the authority consist in the evaluation of transport flows, setting the main and secondary lines of transport, setting and submitting for approval to the general assembly, by resolution, the programs and transport charges, the means of assigning service management, licensing routes and specifications as well as transport permits and copies within the jurisdiction of the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area.




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