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About us

About us


Baia Mare Metropolitan Area, is an Intercommunity Development Association formed by Baia Mare City, together with five neighbour towns and thirteen communes, that are located in the polarization area of the City, with the purpose of developing in common programs & projects and offer public services of high quality. The total population of the metropolitan area is over 220.000 inhabitants and the surface is over 1.250 sq km.

The strategic objectives for Baia Mare Metropolitan Area are:

- improvement of the quality of citizen’s life and the attenuation of social, economical and territorial disparities between member localities
- consolidationof the Baia Mare Development Pole, by attracting of major investments and locating enterprises throughout the entire territory of Baia Mare Metropolitan Area, and trough extention of public services at metropolitan level

Baia Mare Metropolitan Area shall “manufacture” its own “trade mark” through which to consolidate its comparative advantages and develop its competitive advantages within the European territorial conglomerate, through which to promote the elements of its development vision starting from the initial stage of TO LEARN to the stage of TO INNOVATE:

 - an economic growth pole, dominated by non-polluting productive activities and tourism

 - a comfortable place to live in a clean environment, accessible through public services and utilities

 - an attractive destination in the European multicultural landscape through various expression means: language, music, architecture, gastronomy. 

Baia Mare Metropolitan Area represents an important instrument to access the European Structural and Cohesion Funds, that will facilitate implementation of infrastructure projects, in order to attenuate the social, economic and territorial imbalances between the member localities.   




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