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Project titleOptiTrans - Optimisation of Public Transport Policies for Green Mobility


The financing programme of the OptiTrans [PGI01997]  project is InterReg Europe, Priority Axis 3- Low carbon economy, addressing the transition to a low-carbon economy especially in urban areas and promoting sustainable urban mobility and multimodal adaptation measures in transport.


There are two plases of the project:

- the first phase - the implementation phase - is set to take place between 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2019;

- the second phase - the evaluation phase - is set to take place between 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2021. 


The total buget of the project is 123.940,00 Euro, out of which 105.349,00 Euro is the ERDF grant and the and co-financing is 18.591,00 Euro. 


The Lead Partner of the project is The Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture from Thuringia, Germany, and the other partners are: Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association, Zadar (Croatia), Tartu (Estonia) Municipalities, Tesalia Region in Greece, Abruzzo Region in Italy and the Granada Regional Agency for Energy in Spain.

OptiTrans project targets policies promoting mobility and public transport with low carbon emission, clean transport and multimodal mobility.  

Reducing carbon emissions associated with transport activities can be achieved by increasing the share of public transport to the detriment of individual transport. Although in terms of urban areas at European level there are successful examples in this regard, the situation is different when it comes to suburban or rural areas.


The main objective of the project is to increase public transport use in peri-urban and rural areas, with the result being a Local Action Plan to improve existing policies in public transport, raising its importance at the expense of using a private car resulting in lower CO2 emissions.


Project results:

•           Increasing the capacity of planning and coordination of public authorities responsible for public transport – Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Association will help improve public transport in the area of competence;


•           Adoption of proposals to promote new approaches on local public policies having impact on investment priorities at local level (ERDF funds) – Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Association - based on the development strategy and development concept which it promotes, considers public transport a priority for the community, and by implementing OptiTrans project, it will be able to provide to competent authorities (Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Baia Mare City, Maramures County Council, territorial administrative units members of the Association) a point of view on how public transport could be improved by financing components of the transport system from ERDF funding.

•           Promoting the concept of clean transport and alternate mobility leading to lower CO2 emissions – Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Association will develop a Local Action Plan taking into account alternative ways to mobility.


The Local Action Plan will be a resource to improve public transport policies and means of funding it through the Regional Operational Programme.



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