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SPIRE - Smart Post Industrial Regenerative Ecosystem

SPIRE - Smart Post Industrial Regenerative Ecosystem

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Launch of the UIA SPIRE BAIA MARE project

Decontamination of polluted land and creation of an Innovation Hub in Baia Mare



Baia Mare is among the first European cities that is trying to start the decontamination procedures for the heavy metal polluted soils using nature based solutions through the SPIRE project. In the past, the city has faced problems related to soil pollution, and this project aims to solve these problems and aims to involve citizens actively in the development of the city.



On Thursday, April 9, an online kick-off meeting was held, in which the project partners discussed the following steps for the implementation of the UIA SPIRE BAIA MARE objectives, but also the current state of the project.


Basically, over the next three years, a total area of ​​about eight hectares of land will become Living Labs. The entire project will involve citizens, entrepreneurs and students who will be able to come up with innovation ideas and will have a specially created space in the city center, an Innovation Hub.

The project partners will help to implement a virtual rewards and payments system, called iLEU, to encourage sustainable development behaviors in the city and to support citizens' involvement in the project, but also to obtain benefits and reductions locally, in the future. The iGIS platform will be used for data collection, a platform that will be able to provide forecasts on the duration of a land decontamination.

The UIA SPIRE project will use non-invasive and plant methods for remediation of heavy metal pollution. At the same time, the project aims to support new economies based on nature at local level, new initiatives in the community and ideas from young people.

Finally, after the concrete results of the project the partners will develop a Masterplan for the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area, which will aim at the recovery and regeneration of the approximately 650 hectares of polluted land.


The national partnership is coordinated by the Municipality of Baia Mare and consists of the following national partners: Urbasofia, Indeco Soft, ARIES Transilvania, Baia Mare Metropolitan Area, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca and Green Energy Cluster.

The total budget of the project is 3,264,800.50 Euros, of which the non-reimbursable financing through the European Fund for Sustainable Development is 2,611,840.40 Euros, related to the Urban Innovative Actions program (UIA - Urban Innovative Actions).

Details can be found at the following addresses:


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